Order Delays

To my valued customers:

Greetings from Scott at Rare Element Lock Picks.

I first want to apologize for the long wait times. Originally my estimates were based on what I had been accustomed to, before the Lock Lab review. If I could change anything, it would be to anticipate the challenge better than I did. By no means was I trying to be deceptive – and anyone who knows me knows that I’m a man of my word. 

The Bosnian Bill review turned my world a bit upside down. I got a flood of orders and should have stopped taking them sooner. I know everyone wants the tools they paid for with their hard earned money, and I just want to let everyone know that I work on picks EVERY SINGLE DAY I have off, and often on days I work. I’ve been dealing with a bad cold lately, and haven’t had the energy to do much. I have not been going as fast as I want to, that’s for sure. This is my first business venture, and I’m still adapting and learning about the nuances of being a small business owner.

I will not sacrifice quality for getting things done faster, or cut any corners. I am a one man operation, and I want everyone to know that they will get their lock picks, this isn’t going to be a case where I take your money and run, I WILL fulfill each and every pledge, and I ask for your patience and understanding, and I hope the wait will be worthwhile for you in the end. If anyone feels they cannot wait any longer, please contact me, and I will refund your money in full. I’m working on a lot of exciting things for the future. I’ve cut down hours at my job to try to catch up, and I have a friend working with me to help do some tasks that don’t require detail. I have a pretty intensive process to ensure your custom picks are going to last and be smooth in the key way. I temper them to further protect them from wear and tear, and each pick is hand polished to remove any rough edges. I want to make sure you get your moneys worth.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions. I am incredibly busy, but I will do my absolute best to get back to you in a timely fashion, but know that when your picks are completed I will send you a tracking number and contact you.

Best Regards’