I started making locksport tools in the beginning of 2016 –¬†at first to supplement my lock pick set, to lend versatility. Sometimes that short hook just felt a little off, or the Gem didn’t quite reach enough.

Additionally, I felt there wasn’t a great selection of rake profiles out there. Sure there was legendary Ray Conners Bogota and it’s many variations, which any aspiring picker owned, the City Rake, Sparrows Octo and Sandman, both solid rakes, but not much beyond that. I felt there were an endless amount of creative possibilities and so I started designing, and testing out more exotic, often double sided profiles, a creative fire lit.

As months went on my craft improved, and I started offering my new profiles to locksport enthusiasts, and even designed Sparrows rake “The Warlock” – a tool suited for wafer locks and originally developed for pin tumblers.

It is my mission to build rakes that are capable of opening locks you didn’t think could be raked. Or a custom hook you’ve dreamed up to the specifications and with the subtleties you desire. I aim for speed and versatility in my custom tools.

I offer a wide variety of thicknesses, and I have the drive to provide a fully customized experience. It is with that drive and creative fire that I’m honored to bring you, the locksport enthusiasts, professionals and beginners, Rare Element Lock Picks.

What sets my picks apart

What sets my picks apart from mass produced, cookie cutter picks from larger companies, is the time I take finishing them. I relieve them of rough edges, and shape and contour the peaks for better action in the key way.

A Gallery Of my work